Tips & Tricks: Spires of Ascension ft. Dratnos

The Proving Grounds are open! Qualification for the Great Push takes place May 21-23 in Spires of Ascension and Necrotic Wake. Tune in May 28-30 to watch the top 6 qualified teams compete in the Great Push live here on​ .

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0:00 First Pull of the Dungeon
0:26 Goliath Pull before First Boss
0:46 Double Goliath pull with Prideful Buff
1:00 Using a Spear to fight nine enemies at once!
1:15 Squad Leader Pull before Second Boss
1:25 Skipping Trash to Oryphrion
1:44 Handling the Forsworn Kyrian Minibosses
2:16 Good Luck in the Great Push!


  • ali bani
    ali bani5 dagar sedan

    You have beautiful smile bro (: it made my day

  • Shaha man
    Shaha man12 dagar sedan

    Blizzard shouldn’t post videos like this. You offering to use meta classes - like Night Face mage, where instead you should show and advertise other unpopular combinations. Stop promoting mainstream things

  • Purzius
    Purzius13 dagar sedan

    Twas good

  • mutalord
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    nice tips

    PURPUR TENTAKEL17 dagar sedan

    Bad Route for Spires ;)

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    Pretty cool video actualy

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    Amazing content. Teaching players how to play WoW is one of the most important investments that the team should make.

  • Dr Warcraft
    Dr Warcraft19 dagar sedan

    Never watched Dratnos before, great video. gg dratnos and blizz/wow team

  • Gorilla
    Gorilla19 dagar sedan

    What do you think when the wotlk server will come?

  • Xiandong Zhang
    Xiandong Zhang22 dagar sedan

    Priest can mind soothe skip 2nd last pack before 3rd boss.

  • CasuallyCompliant
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    This is great, can we have more like this?

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    Really great video!

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    9.1 is comming in 2030?

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    Where paint?

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    Why does he look like hes about to cry

  • Ragnarok des
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    My boi dratnos

  • Fabian Schulze
    Fabian Schulze23 dagar sedan

    Dratnos is Shadowlands M+ Dungeon Guru

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    One for every dungeon, go go

  • Victorlechat
    Victorlechat23 dagar sedan

    Great video !

  • James Montoya
    James Montoya23 dagar sedan

    The people that say Retail WoW is easy haven't gone past Mythic 0

  • Jani Välimäki

    Jani Välimäki

    19 dagar sedan

    It's easy.. players just gone very bad these days. Wow is for girl's only game atm.

  • yan boslov

    yan boslov

    20 dagar sedan

    Agree!! , and that’s why ppl get bored of retail. Bc they only do myrhic 0

  • richtea78
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    They should get Tettles to do some guides!

  • glemmstengal


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    He couldn't stop laughing or cussing long enough to make a 3 minute video and you know it.

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    More content like this please

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    Depois de todo mundo tá careca de saber disso, era pra ter colocado isso bem antes né....

  • Ero
    Ero23 dagar sedan

    How to break shadowlands dungeons with Dratnos. Great video actually!

  • Chad S
    Chad S23 dagar sedan

    What’s the next affix? I’m assuming routes and strats will have to change without being able to rely on the prideful buff for damage boosts

  • Darius B
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    Lol dratnos haha moving up in the world

  • Neomagam
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  • Aski
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    Mistweaver fix when?

  • Aski
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    The Debuffs overlapping with the dungeon window is really hurting, how can you still not have fixed that

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    Where is "Drathnos but closer"? =.=

    INUITNERD23 dagar sedan

    Thank you daddy

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    Pro tip: use addons.

  • Stefan Joksimovic

    Stefan Joksimovic

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    @Elo Not sure what your point is.

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    Fabian S

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    @Elo But they make it so you have vital information

  • Elo


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    Addons don't play the game for you.

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    Where is my "Hello everybody, my name is Dratnos"?

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    David Kurjan

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    "... and welcome to this week in mythic plus"

  • Wonder Sloth
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    Let's release tutorials for content that we released months and months ago.

  • Cryptic Elements

    Cryptic Elements

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    Plenty of strats are figured out much later than release but sure dud.

  • Neomagam


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    Other than the prideful timing's, this guide will still be relevent for 18-24 more months

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    That's the nerdiest dude I've ever seen.

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    But he's OUR nerd

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    @Soress9 And I'm here for it.

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    but he's also one of the most helpful dudes around.

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    9.1 please

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    Apparently it's June 29th according to some leak.