The Great Push | Day 2

Welcome to The Great Push! In this first one-off tournament of the year, we are bringing a new style of competitive dungeon running distinct from the foundations set by the Mythic Dungeon International (MDI). Instead of teams fighting to beat their opponent’s time, The Great Push is focused on teams pushing keys as high as they can, striving to out survive their competitors and be crowned the champion!

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  • Chewy Gaming
    Chewy Gaming13 dagar sedan

    Can you control the direction Halkias in HoA spin?

  • 1un4cy
    1un4cy13 dagar sedan

    Druid druid paladin mage shaman except one group went with Demon hunter tank instead of druid

  • KingMengHuo
    KingMengHuo14 dagar sedan

    Loved this event, enjoyed every day. Can't wait for the next one. Does the bear stream though?

  • Frab D
    Frab D14 dagar sedan

    Fantastic showing, loved this event

  • Nebounette
    Nebounette15 dagar sedan

    This was super fun to watch - loved it!!! Please do it again!

  • nan sheng
    nan sheng15 dagar sedan

    This format is great but if Blizzard keeps letting people who exploit known bugs win, there's no audience in the future

  • Jadinass
    Jadinass15 dagar sedan

    Great format, this is so much more enjoyable to watch than previous MDI

  • Jessie Harris
    Jessie Harris15 dagar sedan

    Loved this whole weekend - more interesting than MDI! Please do more of this format 🙏

  • tp3. zl1
    tp3. zl115 dagar sedan

    Can't wait for the next one

  • Jonathon Gain
    Jonathon Gain15 dagar sedan

    Awesome runs in Day 2. Looking forward to Day 3.

  • Michael Hölbling
    Michael Hölbling15 dagar sedan

    Great event, can't wait for the next one - gonna be rooting for bearsquad again.

  • Sampisto B
    Sampisto B15 dagar sedan

    Great new format indeed, the roller coaster from day to day really makes it fun.

  • Elias Andersson
    Elias Andersson15 dagar sedan

    the ending of this stream was so hype!!!

  • Dennis björkman
    Dennis björkman15 dagar sedan

    Best WoW turnament since S1 of MDI! LETs GO AGAIN!!!

  • Tracey Huckins
    Tracey Huckins15 dagar sedan

    Keep it up everyone! it is so close! Maybe blizzard will keep up this format for future tournaments!

  • Lukas Kreindl
    Lukas Kreindl15 dagar sedan

    Benchers unite

  • P
    P15 dagar sedan

    Please do more of the great push, it was really really fun to watch!

  • Øystein Viggen
    Øystein Viggen15 dagar sedan

    This format was awesome! It's more similar to live key pushing, and you can jump between this cast and your favorite streamers.

  • Katrin Becher
    Katrin Becher15 dagar sedan

    when is the next season?

  • Andrea Fonger
    Andrea Fonger15 dagar sedan

    Awesome event, awesome to watch, awesome teams! Can't wait for the next one!

  • Renato Mendes
    Renato Mendes15 dagar sedan

    Do another great push!! We Stan Does the Bear Stream!!!!

  • Nicholas Gomersall
    Nicholas Gomersall15 dagar sedan

    Best wow content by far.

  • Manoj Kumar
    Manoj Kumar15 dagar sedan

    Amazing event!! Wanted to see more

  • Zacheris
    Zacheris15 dagar sedan

    This was so cool, heartbreaking for Growlsquad in the mists for so long :(

  • Henry T
    Henry T15 dagar sedan

    Love the new push format

  • Sam Swisshelm
    Sam Swisshelm15 dagar sedan

    Hope to see something like this again!!

  • DeleteDH
    DeleteDH15 dagar sedan

    Great event! Let's get more!

  • Jade Kinsey
    Jade Kinsey15 dagar sedan

    Do another great push!! We Stan Does the Bear Stream!!!!

  • Jeff Swientek
    Jeff Swientek16 dagar sedan

    Haters dont watch

  • Okay
    Okay16 dagar sedan

    Lol rip...

  • solofalcon
    solofalcon16 dagar sedan

    no hunters, meh

  • mr smith
    mr smith16 dagar sedan

    Only 62k views? WoW has the king fallen



    15 dagar sedan

    low marketing salary? lol

  • Максим Ярославцев

    Максим Ярославцев

    15 dagar sedan

    already 97 :)