Lore in Short: The Dark Portal

Watch a quick refresher on the history of the Dark Portal’s origins in 90 seconds.

A colossal gateway between worlds, the Dark Portal has wrought destruction on Azeroth and Draenor alike. In World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade, venture through this passage to the remnants of Draenor, now known as Outland, in an attempt to quell Illidan and the Burning Legion.

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  • Annie Annie
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    Don't understand on lore in short:the dark portal. All you don't know on outland planet is draenor plant!

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    THIS IS THE KIND OF LORE YOU NEEDED TO USE FOR YOUR WARCRAFT MOVIE not some random orcs coming from nowhere. You should have started with the Titans and Sargeras and the creation of the universe to introduce viewers to the World of Warcraft !

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    Kristian Todorov3 dagar sedan

    The good old times when wow still had good lore

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    Gul’dan died on Azeroth so his skull would’t be on Draenor but on Azeroth so they could’t have gotten it since that would mean that Ner’zhul went to Azeroth without The Dark Portal which we know is wrong since he would have mentioned that in Warcraft 3 if he did but he didn’t so he could’t have died before the first war since the first war was when The Dark Portal was opened for the first time

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    Stop this warmed up 14 year old stew! Need Content for Retail!!!

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    Hmm Khadgar didnt have Atiesh when when he went though dark portal with Alliance Expeditionary force

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    if someone doesn't already know this either through playing the game or through watching the 5 hour videos, they shouldn't play the game

    DORAN KAUFMAN7 dagar sedan

    On draenor, some Blizzard devs were fired, leaving non creatives to do this video.

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  • Meakis
    Meakis8 dagar sedan

    It's legion khadgar ? From after the aging effect from medivh faded ? With that same armour... It's a cool look for the character but in the visions he had in last gaurdian it was described how he had white hair beard and so forth, the khadgar we see in shatrah atm.

  • Episode Update
    Episode Update8 dagar sedan

    Start making lore on Shadowlands too so that we can get to know more about history of shadowlands 😅

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    Isn't that easily achieved by... You know, playing the game? They already make it so you barely have to read any quest text.

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    kekw BFA had more cinematics than shadowlands patches .

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    Eyevou8 dagar sedan

    So... the events of the Warcraft movie are canon?

  • Azqswx zeman

    Azqswx zeman

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    No but it still inspired, and they showed much better than WoW how the DARK portal actually works, consuming souls and its surroundings...

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    Khadgar with Atiesh?? what?

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    Evil Horde

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    Things like this is what should've been in Warcraft Reforged. Quick recap before playing the map.

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    Warcraft 3 has quick recaps before playing the map, but it's also he only Warcraft game where the Dark portal is not directly involved... With all the issues Reforged had and still has, you don't have to imagine new ones x)

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    yep. Draenor exploded and turned into Outland.

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    Azqswx zeman

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    @YukiTheIce Wasn't that point irony, like Khadgar shouldn't have closed this portal ?

  • Azqswx zeman

    Azqswx zeman

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    That DARK Portal was slowly destroying our world... But now thanks to the Burning Legion it's probably running on photovoltaic energy so we don't have to care about it staying open for nothing for years xD

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    Yeah thanks khadgar...

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    Why only the paladin archer and mage... what about the Kurdran an Sky'ree and Danath!

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  • The Hermit
    The Hermit8 dagar sedan

    So we have confirmation that Khadgar had Medivh's staff from the beginning. Is Wow quest if the staff non Canon then?

  • Daniel Pineda

    Daniel Pineda

    8 dagar sedan

    @Kyle Draconicus It might be another retcon, where he obtained it before the second war errupted. Or right after he and Lothar slain Medivih. That would erase Medan to nothing.

  • Kyle Draconicus

    Kyle Draconicus

    8 dagar sedan

    Possible that's just an error cause the artist used the actual skin of Khadgar. All is possible. But in the official lore, Khadgar have the staff of Medivh in Warlord of Draenor (source: wowpedia)

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