Lore in Short: The Burning Legion

Watch a quick refresher on the history of the Burning Legion in 90 seconds.

The Burning Legion will stop at nothing to destroy all world-souls in order to prevent the void lords from corrupting the universe. Get caught up on how this innumerable army of demons came to be.

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  • Markus Frahm
    Markus FrahmDag sedan

    it's so minimalistic yet so impressive. also very well drawn.

  • mutalord
    mutalord5 dagar sedan

    we need more of these

  • Raptor Shark
    Raptor Shark7 dagar sedan

    Sargeras, the original Arthas

  • VeleS
    VeleS8 dagar sedan

    When will the videos on the Russian channel with the Russian translation be released?

  • Дмитрий Шер
    Дмитрий Шер8 dagar sedan

    Картинки сраные, где видео?

  • Joe W
    Joe W9 dagar sedan

    See Blizzard that's how you should do your stuff ! Great animation !

  • Ak Nadiri
    Ak Nadiri9 dagar sedan

    Clearly can see that Classic community is 100% better than crying cringe unemployed retail players.

  • MoochieJr
    MoochieJr9 dagar sedan

    Play FFXIV

  • Duvel
    Duvel9 dagar sedan

    More please :)

  • Sami Boudehri
    Sami Boudehri10 dagar sedan

    Make warcraft 4

  • Roshea
    Roshea10 dagar sedan

    The Burning BBC

  • Prestilo
    Prestilo10 dagar sedan

    Nice stuff!!

  • Louise
    Louise10 dagar sedan

    one of the rare blizzard activision videos that didnt get hated on

  • Alexandr Zaykov
    Alexandr Zaykov11 dagar sedan

    Need more!

  • Dr Warcraft
    Dr Warcraft11 dagar sedan

    This is awesome! GG

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  • Josh Kroneberger
    Josh Kroneberger11 dagar sedan

    >>>>>>>>>MORE CLASSIC LORE

  • Mirko Gavrilovic
    Mirko Gavrilovic11 dagar sedan

    This is beyond bad. Even for Blizzard level of "bad". Do you even know your own lore? This is NOT how The Burning Legion turned its eyes on Azeroth. Do you even know what happened 10.000 years ago? Medivh? Orcs? Dark Portal? Hello?

  • Moyses fernandes
    Moyses fernandes11 dagar sedan

    wow in 2021. KEKW

  • heySupremacey
    heySupremacey12 dagar sedan

    This is good! We ask for more!

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  • High King Of Quel'thalas
    High King Of Quel'thalas12 dagar sedan

    This is nice, tho since this is TBC, the part where they went to Draenor should have been included.

  • Raziel
    Raziel12 dagar sedan

    This retconns chronicles, Sargeras was confronted by the pantheon after destroying an old god infested planet, Aggramar tried to plead reason, but was cut in half by Sargeras not even having time to draw swords.

  • Justin B

    Justin B

    12 dagar sedan

    Sargeras wasn't confronted by the Pantheon about the old god planet, he ran to tell them about it and they shot his idea down.

  • Joyde
    Joyde12 dagar sedan

    Very straight. Very short. But eh, could serve to please the non-lorenerds of the game.

  • PolarI3ear
    PolarI3ear12 dagar sedan

    me likey

  • calween
    calween12 dagar sedan

    epic way of storytelling, give us more

  • joelminator
    joelminator12 dagar sedan

    Next time on DragonBall Z.

  • That random Firebat
    That random Firebat12 dagar sedan

    Awesome. Plz make more

  • Vinícius Pacheco
    Vinícius Pacheco12 dagar sedan

    Sargeras's motivation sounds ridiculous. Doesnt make any sense...

  • Daniel Barraza
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  • memberberrie
    memberberrie12 dagar sedan

    Save the world by killing it .... big brain🧠

  • Артур Шагалин
    Артур Шагалин12 dagar sedan

    Ждём "супер адаптированную" версию с субтитрами на RU канале WoW.

  • Yargus Casual
    Yargus Casual12 dagar sedan

    Sargeras ♥️

  • Yargus Casual
    Yargus Casual12 dagar sedan

    This short is amazing ♥️

  • G I R
    G I R12 dagar sedan

    well done. Blizzard should make more of these instead of selling electronic costumes.

  • Nguyễn Thành Long
    Nguyễn Thành Long12 dagar sedan

    would prefer Legion over TBC

  • Lucas Silva
    Lucas Silva12 dagar sedan

    where Sargeras get the Fel power from? is his own power?

  • Racoon Dream04

    Racoon Dream04

    8 dagar sedan

    Perhaps his main strength of magic is the arcana like the other Titans, but because of the long exposure of Twisted Nether, his powers were corrupted

  • vinayak joshi
    vinayak joshi13 dagar sedan

    Is this the retconned version? Since vanilla had old history, this should too be old version

  • Aernath
    Aernath13 dagar sedan

    Awesome and more of these please! So you can explain how it was not because of Draenei the Burning Legion has set their sights for Azeroth, because, you know War of the Ancients, Azshara and stuff ;b

  • I2HS
    I2HS13 dagar sedan

    this is great, more please

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  • Hello There
    Hello There13 dagar sedan

    Ooh cool was not expecting this

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    Kynario13 dagar sedan

    This was awesome! More of this please!

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    Đức Long Nguyễn13 dagar sedan

    blizzard you should do this more, much profit

  • jdantbell
    jdantbell13 dagar sedan

    I'll take my lore lessons from nobbel87 thank you very much

  • Rakyh
    Rakyh13 dagar sedan

    Where is the rest?

  • Iron 883
    Iron 88313 dagar sedan

    Well Done !!! Well Done Indeeeeeed ! /salute

  • DontKnow9000
    DontKnow900013 dagar sedan

    "purging of all life"... so all the Demons are just fine with it? How will they end their own existence? They are ok with it?

  • Mad Titan

    Mad Titan

    11 dagar sedan

    Most demons don't even know about Sargeras's plan and motivations

  • Raziel


    12 dagar sedan

    This is never explained, but in Chronicles it is stated that Demons cannot die outside the Twisting Nether, and it is implied that the Titans cannot enter the Twisting Nether, which is why Sargeras imprisoned them in the prison world Mardum.

  • George A

    George A

    13 dagar sedan

    They don't know for the most part

  • Nickpop24
    Nickpop2413 dagar sedan

    Okay, not bad

  • Arthas Menefilth
    Arthas Menefilth13 dagar sedan

    This gives me gw2 vibes lol

  • Zaris
    Zaris13 dagar sedan

    thats similar to guild wars 2 lore arts.

  • Nicholas Peters
    Nicholas Peters13 dagar sedan

    Best game ever made.

  • DiaryLuminary
    DiaryLuminary13 dagar sedan

    Beautiful art

  • Episode Update
    Episode Update13 dagar sedan

    Blizzard Now please explain Shadowlands lore story too like this 😅

  • Liam Wilson
    Liam Wilson13 dagar sedan

    Would like to see Tyrygosa and Kalecgos’ story with this level of detail

  • Skinny Thewretched
    Skinny Thewretched13 dagar sedan

    Well done

  • flip norp
    flip norp13 dagar sedan

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    Less music videos. More of this.

  • Constrained Anacronysm
    Constrained Anacronysm13 dagar sedan

    This is nice in all but your not really fighting The Burning Legion in TBC until the very end... your murdering all the characters from Warcraft 3 that explicitly set themselves against the Legion but that blizz decided to turn into expansion fodder antagonists and loot pinatas.

  • Mark Potts

    Mark Potts

    12 dagar sedan

    We like loot pinatas although candy would be nice too.

  • Eto Hige Gamer Culture
    Eto Hige Gamer Culture13 dagar sedan

    more of this please :^)

  • Alessandro Severino
    Alessandro Severino13 dagar sedan

    Oh so now you also ret conned the fact isen't Kil Jaiden and Archimonte feeling betrayed by Velen leave but is the titan itself... 'Kay

  • The Stranger
    The Stranger13 dagar sedan

    Now put this much effort, into your actual game!!

  • ILostMyAccuracy
    ILostMyAccuracy13 dagar sedan

    This felt way shorter than it was. Please do more.

  • kenchio
    kenchio13 dagar sedan

    We need more of these

  • Margonite
    Margonite13 dagar sedan

    Well done, nice animations and clearly explained.

  • Dead_MAX
    Dead_MAX13 dagar sedan

    So the Void Lord are cannon? Dreadlords didnt make them up? Chronicles are cannon? What is happening?

  • Cameron McEwen
    Cameron McEwen13 dagar sedan

    The animated _Warcraft_ series can definitely do an entire season based in _The Burning Crusade._

  • Lon Measley Dreams of Warcraft
    Lon Measley Dreams of Warcraft13 dagar sedan

    Is it just me, or does the Pantheon just not have any armies / guardians / etc to defend against the likes of the Burning Legion? You would think that with all of their power and wisdom that they'd be more...Prepared

  • MonkPaw Fire

    MonkPaw Fire

    11 dagar sedan

    They did not have to, lost because they were also facing their champion.

  • Lon Measley Dreams of Warcraft

    Lon Measley Dreams of Warcraft

    12 dagar sedan

    @Commander Javik Right??

  • Lon Measley Dreams of Warcraft

    Lon Measley Dreams of Warcraft

    12 dagar sedan

    @Proph3t3N Lol, that's a good point

  • Stathis Apostolidis

    Stathis Apostolidis

    12 dagar sedan

    @Commander Javik the titan keepers were created with the sole purpose to guard and protect azeroth from any threats ( the old gods specifically). Instead of an army they had sargeras, who discounting azeroth was the most powerful titan. When they confronted him they expected that they will be able to convince him to abandon his crusade and return back to the pantheon. They were wrong.

  • Commander Javik

    Commander Javik

    13 dagar sedan

    They had Titan Keepers, so why they didn't have an army of those ready to fight the Legion is beyond me.

  • Sketchbag
    Sketchbag13 dagar sedan

    More more more please! ♥

  • SveenMaxim
    SveenMaxim13 dagar sedan

    the irony of the guy named velen which is pronounced "villain" is actually the good guy

  • SveenMaxim


    9 dagar sedan

    @Mad Titan villain is villain do english lessons yourself

  • Mad Titan

    Mad Titan

    11 dagar sedan


  • SveenMaxim


    12 dagar sedan

    @irij yeah it kinda is

  • irij


    12 dagar sedan

    It's not pronounced villain, but okay.

  • No.Comply
    No.Comply13 dagar sedan

    Not voiced by Nobbel. *Dislike.*

  • Paola Ulloa Besserer
    Paola Ulloa Besserer13 dagar sedan

    We need more Illidan

  • Nobel Massina Arben

    Nobel Massina Arben

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    @Cameron McEwen Lord Illidan!

  • Cameron McEwen

    Cameron McEwen

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    The animated _Warcraft_ series can do episodes based on the _War of the Ancients_ trilogy. Rhonin, Broxigar and Krasus travelling back ten thousand years to when the Sundering occurred, and Illidan taking vials of the Well of Eternity’s waters.

  • Norsk
    Norsk13 dagar sedan

    Oh. My. God. Blizzard, please, we need more of these. It's brilliant!

  • FA Rocks
    FA Rocks13 dagar sedan

    So now it is more sargeras used the legion rather than, Sargeras one shotted the whole pantheon.

  • The Sinners Gate

    The Sinners Gate

    13 dagar sedan

    Makes Sargeras fightable, that’s for sure

  • Kyle Hight
    Kyle Hight13 dagar sedan

    Lame lore

  • Mihai Kos
    Mihai Kos13 dagar sedan

    Hail Sargeras!

  • Newovar
    Newovar13 dagar sedan

    Back when WoW villains were interesting.

  • Arcane Switchblade

    Arcane Switchblade

    8 dagar sedan

    Well they weren't really that much more interesting, but the player still connected with them better

  • T Romania

    T Romania

    11 dagar sedan

    And the Lore

  • Mad Titan

    Mad Titan

    11 dagar sedan

    What they did with Vashj, Kael and Illidan was far from "interesting".

  • K C

    K C

    11 dagar sedan

    Still are

  • Miguel angel Ramírez ramirez
    Miguel angel Ramírez ramirez13 dagar sedan

    Y pensar que estaba siendo manipulado por el carcelero mediante los señores del terror...

  • Doom lord Kazzak
    Doom lord Kazzak13 dagar sedan

    The Legion will Conquer all!

  • Mr Amr4s
    Mr Amr4s13 dagar sedan

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  • minassera cnr
    minassera cnr13 dagar sedan

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  • Nobel Massina Arben

    Nobel Massina Arben

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    Lord Sargeras

  • The Stranger

    The Stranger

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  • TheramoreIsTheBomb
    TheramoreIsTheBomb13 dagar sedan

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  • Blair Schutte
    Blair Schutte13 dagar sedan

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    Nice! Keep the shorts coming guys! No problem if it's already established lore, these are cool

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  • Panda
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  • Anariale Deïloria

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    well done ? Why would the titans be beset by demons? These images are not really well done.

  • D A

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    @andyr1182 short lore is great. Yeah nothing wrong with that.