Full VOD | MDI Shadowlands Global Finals | Day 3

The Mythic Dungeon International (MDI) Season 1 Global Finals are here! The top eight dungeon racing teams from around the world are set to compete for their share of the $300,000 USD prize pool and title of World Champions.

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  • Pei Rui
    Pei Rui15 dagar sedan

    go Echo "bug exploiter" team!! Such ruining the game

  • Dangerously Based
    Dangerously BasedMånad sedan

    This is so boring compared to PvP

  • Michael Yun

    Michael Yun

    28 dagar sedan

    @MisterOrdinaryGamer wow is boring

  • MisterOrdinaryGamer


    Månad sedan

    PvP is boring to :)

  • Quick Action Figure
    Quick Action FigureMånad sedan

    It seems this is the game nothing else anymore. No more story focus.

  • Slayer45


    25 dagar sedan

    @Athinira fr though

  • Athinira


    Månad sedan

    The story is meant to be experienced yourself playing the game, not watched on SEblacks. There's plenty of story in Shadowlands. /facepalm

  • Slayer45


    Månad sedan

    What else they supposed to post? 🤷‍♂️

  • Extinct Animal
    Extinct AnimalMånad sedan

    You guys gonna keep selling out the game to the "far east" for that sweet micro transaction money or actually lister to people? INB4 game dies and "WOW 2 is announced" full of micro transactions on the new unreal engine.

  • Dan301986
    Dan301986Månad sedan

    these nerds are so cringe

  • Andy Hardy
    Andy HardyMånad sedan

    its fun to watch... without sound , that girl... just annoying

  • Eutrophia Barton

    Eutrophia Barton

    11 dagar sedan

    Find the beta.

  • neolithic3


    18 dagar sedan

    Angry little boy.....

  • C27 Rikku
    C27 RikkuMånad sedan

    Why is that streamer girl that admitted to getting boosted, still allowed to comment?

  • Z0ldic


    Månad sedan

    Duhh, you angry average player? 😅

  • An Dre

    An Dre

    Månad sedan

    She's World 18 of the Balance Druids this Season, is and was always one of the best out there, does really good guides, is successful in what she does. So what's your accomplishment besides writing down your unqualified opinion? Just be quiet, honestly.

  • Crawli AL

    Crawli AL

    Månad sedan

    Lul true

  • Malivoo
    MalivooMånad sedan

    These "champion" photos are so embarrassing. They make these nerds look like black ops military pros.

  • Simu Liviu

    Simu Liviu

    Månad sedan

    Obviously you don’t know Gingi

  • Peter Christensen
    Peter ChristensenMånad sedan

    blame the hunter

  • Amur Amur
    Amur AmurMånad sedan

    Blizzard don't block WoW's multi-box. Respect the way users play freely. Don't treat autobots and multiboxes together.

  • liam yates
    liam yatesMånad sedan

    Max was right!

  • Nic Beckert
    Nic BeckertMånad sedan

    meeres out dps'ing gingi on the final Mists map full beast mode

  • Julian Stöcker
    Julian StöckerMånad sedan

    to many fails for perplex, that just can't get you against top form echo

  • Julian Stöcker

    Julian Stöcker

    Månad sedan

    SEblacks can not do this versus echo in top form

  • BE4ST
    BE4STMånad sedan

    Echo is just so much better than everyone else LUL