Full VOD | MDI Shadowlands Global Finals | Day 2

The Mythic Dungeon International (MDI) Season 1 Global Finals are here! The top eight dungeon racing teams from around the world are set to compete for their share of the $300,000 USD prize pool and title of World Champions.

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  • Corek BleedingHollow
    Corek BleedingHollowMånad sedan

    36:50 wow she's pretty cute too

  • Nass
    NassMånad sedan


  • japrizzle
    japrizzleMånad sedan

    how is tettles' mic issue still not fixed...

  • Jason Skelton
    Jason SkeltonMånad sedan

    That first dungeon was intense!

  • mixitra
    mixitraMånad sedan

    Timestamps or riot

  • Marko Šuša
    Marko ŠušaMånad sedan

    How stygia shadow priest made to this tournament? He is legit 1200 rio player

  • Benefacez
    BenefacezMånad sedan

    Well, that didn't end well...

  • e Alhumaidi
    e AlhumaidiMånad sedan

    all games dh tank pala healer mage and prist dps 🙃

  • Dangerously Based
    Dangerously BasedMånad sedan

    AWC > MDI

  • Dangerously Based

    Dangerously Based

    Månad sedan

    Arena World Championship

  • brouwerification


    Månad sedan

    What's awc?

  • Sir Pompalompa
    Sir PompalompaMånad sedan

    DrJay looks very ill. maybe he should go outside

  • Dangerously Based

    Dangerously Based

    Dag sedan

    @Freestyle yeah better not go outside until mommy government says its safe uwu

  • Freestyle


    Månad sedan

    yeah go outside during covid, that totally makes sense

  • neolithic3
    neolithic3Månad sedan

    The video isn't watchable. It won't load.

  • Robin


    Månad sedan

    Works for me on desktop

  • neolithic3


    Månad sedan

    @jayw900 are you using computer or phone? Actually now it is working for me. Weird.

  • jayw900


    Månad sedan

    Fine for me, maybe it’s you.

  • vankhorne
    vankhorneMånad sedan

    Wow... PvE... Yay?

  • Teatimez


    Månad sedan

    @Slamdoxicalz it always wins

  • Slamdoxicalz


    Månad sedan

    did the DH tank/Holy Paladin team win?

  • jayw900


    Månad sedan

    Yes, great isn’t it?

  • Jose Carvajal
    Jose CarvajalMånad sedan

    This video won't load

  • Freestyle
    FreestyleMånad sedan

    Obey Alliance aka Ethical really improved for the finals, cmon boys you can beat GG tmrw

  • Alijamaru
    AlijamaruMånad sedan

    Supatease ftw

  • Sune jørgensen

    Sune jørgensen

    Månad sedan

    ftw: For The Weightloss?