Burning Crusade Classic: Blood Elves and Draenei - Pre-Expansion Live on May 18

The Burning Legion destroyed your people and home. Avenge your fallen when you create a blood elf or draenei character in World of Warcraft Classic. Then, re-enter the Dark Portal and step into Burning Crusade Classic.

The Burning Crusade Classic pre-expansion update releases May 18, 2021. Learn more at worldofwarcraft.com
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  • joe wang
    joe wang10 timmar sedan

    I’m glad to see there are more dislikes than likes.

  • Emily Hitchcock
    Emily Hitchcock3 dagar sedan

    Carson Daly???

  • Vikrant Naicker
    Vikrant Naicker15 dagar sedan

    Mhmmmmm Wrath of the Lich King Classic is definitely coming out after this.

  • Marko Sinko
    Marko Sinko17 dagar sedan

    Where is Blizzard spending all the money? Those videos are highschool project level...

  • Cardboard Empire
    Cardboard Empire19 dagar sedan

    NO CASH SHOP!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ken
    Ken21 dag sedan

    Be like me. Cancel your sub. Uninstall game. Don't look back. It will only get worse from here.

  • Lord God
    Lord God22 dagar sedan

    "Untouched by the world-breaking cataclysm" And don't you dare touch it again!

  • Sarlyx


    18 dagar sedan

    What was wrong with cata? you literally just remember the very last patch with transmog and LFR... three quarters of the game did not have that.

  • Lucas Passeron
    Lucas Passeron22 dagar sedan

    Blizzard please put the achievement in this burning crusade classic.

  • toxxi
    toxxi22 dagar sedan

    it is so funny that they don't even know the lore for their franchise's biggest set pieces. The demons corrupted the sunwell huh? LOL

  • Earthling-Z3R0
    Earthling-Z3R022 dagar sedan

    Really dislike that narrator.

  • Tiktok is cancer
    Tiktok is cancer23 dagar sedan

    *litewood laminate litewood laminate*

  • Stay Updated
    Stay Updated23 dagar sedan

    Why so many dislikes

  • Gabby Tech
    Gabby Tech25 dagar sedan


  • Majid Mousavi
    Majid Mousavi25 dagar sedan

    This is Ghost Crawler era 🙂

  • yevgeni10
    yevgeni1025 dagar sedan

    May the loneliness be with you TBC players.

  • science Warrior
    science Warrior25 dagar sedan

    "announcement classic" - meanwhile, ShadowLands: "yes, yes, everything is fine,because 7 months without content is normal"

  • Matthew Colquhoun
    Matthew Colquhoun26 dagar sedan

    What these people did to Warcraft 3 is unforgivable.

  • ajeba98
    ajeba9826 dagar sedan

    Why is he yelling?

  • Ondřej Čech
    Ondřej Čech26 dagar sedan

    You just killed TBC calssic experience... You cant be real... Milk money out of old content... Lol

  • Foxës
    Foxës26 dagar sedan

    4k dislike why?

  • Kiwi Fan
    Kiwi Fan26 dagar sedan

    World of Storecraft - The Earning Crusade

  • cLOSERtoG0d
    cLOSERtoG0d26 dagar sedan

    "now live" LOL

  • Lj Gav
    Lj Gav26 dagar sedan

    May 18th? Lies much. Still not live

  • Nick Lilly
    Nick Lilly27 dagar sedan

    Nice launch blizz.

  • Thoz
    Thoz27 dagar sedan

    may 19th*

  • Tom Walker
    Tom Walker27 dagar sedan

    When Blizzard is too cheap to host their own videos.

  • Vance Hines
    Vance Hines27 dagar sedan

    still have one BC CE sealed on my shelf from back in the day. it's content is the real deal , not this classic garbage once again

  • rafile6
    rafile627 dagar sedan

    I'm convinced Blizzard is run by Shark Tale

  • Tova Chansky
    Tova Chansky27 dagar sedan

    It the expansion it's own game or is it part of the current WOW classic?

  • Jesse Garris
    Jesse Garris27 dagar sedan

    This video is really bad.

  • Thomas Stuart
    Thomas Stuart27 dagar sedan

    Would love to experience this but you can't get your servers open on time.

  • Esper Eidolon
    Esper Eidolon27 dagar sedan

    The person who wrote this script somehow doesn't know the burning legion and the scourge are not the same thing. funny stuff.

  • Kinnie
    Kinnie27 dagar sedan

    oooofc it keeps on getting pushed back later and later

  • Kevin Shields
    Kevin Shields27 dagar sedan

    Playback speed 1.25, sounds more natural

  • Claire
    Claire27 dagar sedan

    the self-entitlement is strong here...

  • Fart Box

    Fart Box

    27 dagar sedan

    what does that even mean!?

  • meinennamengibbet
    meinennamengibbet27 dagar sedan

    hey, thank you for advertising this absolute new mobile game from china.

  • writejsk
    writejsk27 dagar sedan

    why is the narrator so *AGGRESSIVE* omg lol

  • Fart Box

    Fart Box

    27 dagar sedan

    High pressure sales tactics.

  • Nindoriel
    Nindoriel27 dagar sedan

    Finally the Alliance has Shamans. Been waiting 17 years for this.

  • Amélie Lacroix
    Amélie Lacroix27 dagar sedan

    it's may 18 where is it

  • Andre Filipe
    Andre Filipe27 dagar sedan

    money money money money money!!!!!!

  • Go Chiefs
    Go Chiefs27 dagar sedan

    almost did it right better luck next time in 15 years

  • Lazatik
    Lazatik27 dagar sedan


  • Zakkimatsu
    Zakkimatsu27 dagar sedan

    2:25 "this summer" is june 20th?

  • Greenleaf


    27 dagar sedan

    It's June 1st..

  • oledilep
    oledilep27 dagar sedan

    Dislike bar is speaking for itself. Why are they also explainning what's "new" when it's a decade old.

  • Dragonfu666
    Dragonfu66628 dagar sedan

    ActivBlizz stockholders: YOU ARE NOT PREPARED!!! WoW Classic Devs: No, we aren't :( !!!!!!!!

  • Jonathan W.
    Jonathan W.28 dagar sedan

    :( this is just so sad to watch...let it die already!

  • Derick Gannon
    Derick Gannon28 dagar sedan


  • District Gamers
    District Gamers28 dagar sedan

    Anticipating the return to one of the best games/expansions ever made! Next stop WOTLK classic, one can hope!

  • Ashley Vs The World
    Ashley Vs The World28 dagar sedan

    Come to FFXIV we have Devs that actually care

  • Shren The Orc
    Shren The Orc28 dagar sedan

    You think you want this... but you really don't

  • farmari87
    farmari8728 dagar sedan

    Yes yes but where is the boost? We call for equality among the races.

  • Bennie Veldhuijzen
    Bennie Veldhuijzen28 dagar sedan

    May 19th BTW for EU KEKW

  • UltraRambo
    UltraRambo28 dagar sedan

    this video is so lame,back in the day we didn't need advertising like this , blizzard turned to noob friendly cash milking company

  • Nick Lilly
    Nick Lilly28 dagar sedan

    Will we ever speak with our wallets?

  • Alex [LIVE]
    Alex [LIVE]29 dagar sedan

    World of Warcraft: The Broke People Crusade

  • richie zamot
    richie zamot29 dagar sedan

    Times change 😂

  • Tiktok is cancer

    Tiktok is cancer

    23 dagar sedan

    this was not meant to be our destiny

  • TR L
    TR L29 dagar sedan

    That chain heal didn't use the original sound FX ..

  • Alex996
    Alex99629 dagar sedan

    All cool but to the people that are working we cant play wow :(

  • Jordan Bachmann
    Jordan Bachmann29 dagar sedan

    Almost there, For the Horde and Good Luck to the Alliance!

  • frog123o
    frog123oMånad sedan

    E X T E N D T H E P R E P A T C H

  • 혜성지기
    혜성지기Månad sedan

    Can't wait for BFA classic!

  • Kenguru Safari
    Kenguru SafariMånad sedan

    When did Antvenom start working for Blizz?

  • kos Des
    kos DesMånad sedan

    My Mastercard is "NOT PREPARED"

  • MoochieJr
    MoochieJrMånad sedan

    Play Final Fantasy XIV

  • J
    JMånad sedan

    How many people that disliked are gonna actually cancel their sub? kek

  • mutalord
    mutalordMånad sedan

    can you fix Battlenet? it keeps droping players from Chile

  • Tal rasha

    Tal rasha

    29 dagar sedan

    @Bolwing LOL, true true

  • Bolwing


    29 dagar sedan

    Buy the premium editon store mount and we might consider

  • Alez
    AlezMånad sedan


  • Justin Vasquez
    Justin VasquezMånad sedan

    Um, wasn’t it Arthas and his undead that devastated the Sunwell prior to BC?

  • Adam Quinn

    Adam Quinn

    28 dagar sedan

    Nah that was silver moon city

  • Nicolas2465
    Nicolas2465Månad sedan

    Two weeks so that people will give up and boost instead eh?

  • Tiktok is cancer

    Tiktok is cancer

    23 dagar sedan

    very smart ngl

  • Farce
    FarceMånad sedan

    Lots of stuff to be annoyed by, but - This video was done really well.

  • Mario Jumpman
    Mario JumpmanMånad sedan

    unacceptable monetization

  • Jean-Philippe Chartier
    Jean-Philippe ChartierMånad sedan

    Invest in the game content, not in microtransactions. See the bar of like dislike ? It's how we feel about your disengagment in the community.

  • aldelta19
    aldelta19Månad sedan

    Blizzard would win so many points with its classic fanbase if it lowered clone service.

  • Vance Hines

    Vance Hines

    Månad sedan

    activision , fixed it for ya

  • Acrophis
    AcrophisMånad sedan

    Is this the burger king foot lettuce guy?

  • Clariselol
    ClariselolMånad sedan

    YOU ARE NOT PREPARED... to be milked.

  • Wax4
    Wax4Månad sedan

    What exactly are the reasons that people are so mad that the prepatch is only lasting 2 weeks? Im very happy that TBC is launching on the 2nd of June (EU) and would be annoyed if they were to delay that.

  • Free Corps

    Free Corps

    Månad sedan

    No time to prepare horde paladins & alliance shamans.

  • Cryptex67
    Cryptex67Månad sedan

    This is the second dislike button

  • John Hawthorne
    John HawthorneMånad sedan

    The Best Expansion Is back

  • Vance Hines

    Vance Hines

    Månad sedan


  • IberianArmy
    IberianArmyMånad sedan

    These minmaxers are sick. Stop disliking the post!

  • Pál Kufa
    Pál KufaMånad sedan

    Finally we see the WoW dying and rotting down couse of Microtransactions. The Classic was the last hope and breath of this game, and TBC Classic will destroy it. Every single Dollar you plan to put this game from now on, could be given to your child, to your belaved ones. Every time you think about buying any microtransaction in any game, think it twice it could have some better place, to joy your life with your family and love. Theese companies dont care about you, they will dry you empty. You family and love is that only mathers!

  • SomePlaceForVideos
    SomePlaceForVideosMånad sedan

    You don't have to buy anything if you want to play TBC classic, other than game time.

  • Billy Nilly
    Billy NillyMånad sedan

    Amazing TWO weeks to level Wow...

  • Dinnayboi
    DinnayboiMånad sedan

    This video made me feel like I've never played the game before...lol

  • Robdoggierob
    RobdoggierobMånad sedan

    Wow. The salt on this video is real.

  • Mason
    MasonMånad sedan

    This is so sad.

  • Cho
    ChoMånad sedan

    just to clarify.. the dislikes are mostly because of the in game shop.

  • Barton BriarBritches
    Barton BriarBritchesMånad sedan

    Extend the Prepatch!!!

  • Schwanerich
    SchwanerichMånad sedan

    TBC: Classic will fail compared to Classic wow, I'm pretty sure

  • The Ren
    The RenMånad sedan

    Curious, who was this video made for?

  • d k x g
    d k x gMånad sedan

    Daily reminder: always /spit on anyone with store mounts.

  • SuperLuigi22
    SuperLuigi22Månad sedan

    Other then the boosts, why are people honestly mad? 😂😂

  • Sarlyx


    18 dagar sedan

    because they think it is cool to hate on blizzard cause everyone else is hating on blizzard

  • FireLine2the9
    FireLine2the9Månad sedan

    canceling my sub

  • FireLine2the9
    FireLine2the9Månad sedan

    World Of Warcraft: The Burning Hole In Your Wallet

  • FireLine2the9
    FireLine2the9Månad sedan


  • Kevin Clark
    Kevin ClarkMånad sedan

    Delay it.

  • Benny
    BennyMånad sedan

    back to 2007

  • Prodigalist
    ProdigalistMånad sedan


  • bigheadface
    bigheadfaceMånad sedan

    Lol...who created this video? Blizz used to be the king of cinematics. They just phoned this one in...

  • Falathrin
    FalathrinMånad sedan