Burning Crusade Classic Survival Guide

Journey back to the shattered world of Outland as it once was in Blizzard Entertainment’s first expansion for World of Warcraft Classic.

The global release times for Burning Crusade Classic are available here: worldofwarcraft.com/news/2367...

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  • 炒米粉
    炒米粉Timme sedan

    OH yeah, very cooooooooooooool!

  • tbreez712
    tbreez7127 timmar sedan


  • G.N.O
    G.N.ODag sedan

    The Bot Crusade!

  • boringstuff
    boringstuffDag sedan

    "all-new dungeon" -that we farmed 1000+ times since 2004

  • Detroit Trickster

    Detroit Trickster

    Dag sedan


  • Evaldas Raisutis
    Evaldas Raisutis2 dagar sedan

    7 New zones. You mean old zones?

  • Chiki Puki
    Chiki Puki3 dagar sedan

    Русские разгружаем фуры

  • Erik Widmann
    Erik Widmann4 dagar sedan

    Love how they show BT and that's 8 months out

  • S
    S4 dagar sedan

    WTS BOOST. LF SPELLCLEAVE Shit's a joke.

  • Beatbox Masta
    Beatbox Masta4 dagar sedan

    ITS TBC boosting not classic

  • Brown Bear
    Brown Bear6 dagar sedan

    Didn’t say anything about duel spec

  • Fayssal Benhennou
    Fayssal Benhennou6 dagar sedan

    what is the name of the OST?

  • gorzenees
    gorzenees6 dagar sedan

    4:24 .. drenei in full nax gear 0.o

  • D M
    D M6 dagar sedan

    Tbc used to Great back in The day RIP tbc

  • Hilt Tilt
    Hilt Tilt7 dagar sedan


  • Jax
    Jax8 dagar sedan

    Been there, done that 14 years ago.

  • Erin
    Erin8 dagar sedan

    But how do you get theeerrrrrreeeee! *cries*

  • Sam Lorimer Jr
    Sam Lorimer Jr8 dagar sedan

    god your voice is piercing

  • splitcondition
    splitcondition9 dagar sedan

    and that's why private servers thrive

  • crap biscuit
    crap biscuit9 dagar sedan


  • TheHaiku2
    TheHaiku29 dagar sedan

    Total bait and switch on the classic philosophy. We won't be changing classic or adding boosts... Oops... we only meant classic, NOT TBC classic you sillys. Liars.

  • Zibzu Ro
    Zibzu Ro9 dagar sedan

    Hello Actiboosters, here have my dislike, not gonna like, blizzard looks like lost the rights to hold Warcraft, you should be ashame of yourselfs, pathetic, no wonder everyone is leaving this ship.

  • MoochieJr
    MoochieJr9 dagar sedan

    Play FFXIV

  • Darrel Wilson
    Darrel Wilson9 dagar sedan

    In b4 comments disabled

  • Andrew Oliva
    Andrew Oliva10 dagar sedan

    Blizz uses the word "new" very loosley.

  • M. S.
    M. S.10 dagar sedan

    Give us old blizzard.

  • André
    André10 dagar sedan

    ''new challenging content'' It's neither new or challenging, they beat all the raid content the first 3 days.

  • D M

    D M

    6 dagar sedan


  • Kenan Öktem
    Kenan Öktem10 dagar sedan


  • Lirio negro
    Lirio negro10 dagar sedan

    aquela mont terrestre é nova né

  • Michael59197
    Michael5919711 dagar sedan

    We can't make new good expansions if our lives depend on it... Please buy our old games again.

  • Matan Kribus
    Matan Kribus11 dagar sedan


  • A K
    A K12 dagar sedan

    Activision Blizzard need Survival Guide for how NOT ruining the games that the real Blizzard Member made🤷 PS: Fix Reforged. !!!NEVER FORGET!!!

  • Tim Lempicki
    Tim Lempicki12 dagar sedan

    So many people in here crying because some people want to get right into the game and start leveling to 70 without having to level to 58 first. What's the big deal? Its not like they have any advantage over you. Only level 58 with an apprentice mount and maybe some blues. Anyone who played classic will be 60 with most likely epics and epic mount. How is this going to ruin your gameplay?

  • RetroToons
    RetroToons12 dagar sedan


  • Chip Chipperson
    Chip Chipperson12 dagar sedan

    Bet Bliz will just ignore the more downvotes than upvotes.

  • F1ipsydez
    F1ipsydez12 dagar sedan

    Entirety new system...

  • Megumin
    Megumin12 dagar sedan

    4:40 ??????? please restructure your company, you don't know what you're doing anymore

  • 204863
    20486312 dagar sedan

    Shame on you blizzard

  • TheReaverOfDarkness
    TheReaverOfDarkness12 dagar sedan

    The salt here could pollute the Shimmering Flats.

  • ΔΘΣ Ξ
    ΔΘΣ Ξ12 dagar sedan

    nice frames @blizzard @worldofwarcraft

  • J00icus
    J00icus12 dagar sedan

    Stop ruining the good version of your game by forcing in some of the worst aspects of your current game, you greedy goblin-lickers.

  • Aziz zs
    Aziz zs12 dagar sedan

    Please just notify me when they reach classic MoP ..

  • Snapped


    10 dagar sedan

    Slow down... life is to be savored.

  • loldan lolhar
    loldan lolhar12 dagar sedan

    whats with the diablo 2 music hahahaha

  • MrZealot112
    MrZealot11212 dagar sedan

    World Of Cashgrab, the Boosting Crusade

  • Simon Christian Birkeland
    Simon Christian Birkeland12 dagar sedan


  • KBRedStar
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  • Dragos Cutian
    Dragos Cutian12 dagar sedan

    1.9k dislikes I'd say well deserved

  • Erick Marshall

    Erick Marshall

    12 dagar sedan

    lol like they care :) you people are so naive xD

  • Jorgen Norstrom
    Jorgen Norstrom12 dagar sedan

    This looks very fun :kapp:

  • Percy
    Percy12 dagar sedan

    Nice B2P, P2P, and P2W game, B̶l̶i̶z̶z̶a̶r̶d̶ (ACTIVISION).

  • Conor F

    Conor F

    10 dagar sedan

    How is it P2W you tool

  • 9ine9ine1ne stoopid
    9ine9ine1ne stoopid13 dagar sedan

    34k views sad.

  • Meril
    Meril13 dagar sedan

    Video is so unbelievably cringe. bRaNd NeW

  • Ghazi
    Ghazi13 dagar sedan

    /target Blizzard activision /spit

  • BadBoy Coolio
    BadBoy Coolio13 dagar sedan

    Crying man-babies still hit the dislike button. How pathetic you are :)

  • JReeces
    JReeces13 dagar sedan

    4:37 Here's what you're looking for

  • Quantum Quasar
    Quantum Quasar13 dagar sedan

    Do you guys not have credit cards? -small indie company

  • Erick Marshall

    Erick Marshall

    12 dagar sedan

    Why do you still your mom card?

  • Abdul Malik Ishak bin Madihi
    Abdul Malik Ishak bin Madihi13 dagar sedan

    Why so many dislikes?

  • Кирилл Солоненко
    Кирилл Солоненко13 dagar sedan

    Gotta milk some more money before the ship finally sinks

  • Jamie Weir
    Jamie Weir13 dagar sedan

    "new" lol nope.

  • naomi3410
    naomi341013 dagar sedan

    how to survive, give blizzard more money to upgrade their servers to handle more than 10 players

  • Cameron McEwen

    Cameron McEwen

    11 dagar sedan

    That’s why they should be making animated shows based on their games.

  • Alastor Nightheart
    Alastor Nightheart13 dagar sedan


  • Pootis Pootingburg
    Pootis Pootingburg13 dagar sedan

    think the novelty of re-releasing old content died with classic

  • D M

    D M

    6 dagar sedan

    Tbc was good in 2007 but now its all trashed

  • Cameron McEwen

    Cameron McEwen

    13 dagar sedan

    Then why are you still playing?

  • alex mejia
    alex mejia13 dagar sedan

    What! You can play blood elf?! That's crazy.

  • JeffrotheDude
    JeffrotheDude13 dagar sedan

    Actual missed opportunity to bring back Gnomeregan Gnews Gnetwork

  • MrMisterMan
    MrMisterMan13 dagar sedan

    nice to see blizzard being called out for their obvious cash grab

  • Maurice Anderson

    Maurice Anderson

    11 dagar sedan

    @Greenchili Studioz yeah when you drop 60 dollars to buy the game, rebuy it every expansion and pay sub. More than enough payment already, whales are not welcome

  • Greenchili Studioz

    Greenchili Studioz

    12 dagar sedan

    @Cameron McEwen anything microtransaction, whether be p2w or not, is somehow evil in community

  • Cameron McEwen

    Cameron McEwen

    12 dagar sedan

    @MrMisterMan How so?

  • MrMisterMan


    12 dagar sedan

    @Cameron McEwen character boosting/cloning

  • Cameron McEwen

    Cameron McEwen

    13 dagar sedan

    Where does it say that?

  • Arindam Ghose
    Arindam Ghose13 dagar sedan


    GGMEHD13 dagar sedan

    This has me excited about the future Warlords of Draenor classic

  • IamTheReaper911


    13 dagar sedan

    So much yes

  • Shadowiff
    Shadowiff13 dagar sedan

    asmongold and his fans are cringe

  • Viart de la Peña José Alberto
    Viart de la Peña José Alberto13 dagar sedan

    Remember to farm USD to get the delux ultra mega premium pass

  • Jorge Brito
    Jorge Brito13 dagar sedan

    Welcome to the World of Warcraft : The Burning Lagg New Features : - Wait in the queue; - Crash; - Unable to enter in the game;

  • shannon o'leary
    shannon o'leary13 dagar sedan

    RIP can't even get on the servers 😰

  • Talsong Kingslayer
    Talsong Kingslayer13 dagar sedan

    Honestly, since Legion Xpac, it's hard to fight Illidan and still think he is evil

  • Gentleman Nemesis

    Gentleman Nemesis

    12 dagar sedan

    but he drops the war glaives

  • jalbert king
    jalbert king13 dagar sedan

    yawn......... wake me in 2 years when wotlk classic launches.

  • HamFarang
    HamFarang13 dagar sedan


  • NobodieZ
    NobodieZ13 dagar sedan

    1:43 What's a Paladdin?

  • Aelnas1988 Northernlight
    Aelnas1988 Northernlight13 dagar sedan

    NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW NEW. This is getting old so quickly.... Meme company

  • Bri Power
    Bri Power13 dagar sedan

    New 🤡 new 🤡 new 🤡 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Youtube Emperor of Mankind
    Youtube Emperor of Mankind13 dagar sedan

    Had to do it yourself because youtube content creators don't make 5 minutes videos for 200$

  • Youtube Emperor of Mankind

    Youtube Emperor of Mankind

    13 dagar sedan

    You triple dollar company

  • gutspillage
    gutspillage13 dagar sedan

    How are you using the word "new" for all this which was released in 2007?

  • bcwow
    bcwow13 dagar sedan

    20 years later: WELCOME to the World of Warcraft survival guide for Shadowlands classic

  • backcenter2


    10 dagar sedan

    @Cameron McEwen They could but since the hype is much lower with TBC, it might be even lower with wrath of the lich king, and non existant for Cataclysm. It's about business after all.

  • Cameron McEwen

    Cameron McEwen

    11 dagar sedan

    @backcenter2 Nope. They release one Classic expansion, they release ALL of them.

  • Tyler Rukab

    Tyler Rukab

    12 dagar sedan

    No ones gunna leave wrath lol

  • backcenter2


    13 dagar sedan

    They will do wrath and that's it

  • bcwow


    13 dagar sedan

    @GGMEHD haha Probably

  • Robert Colo'n
    Robert Colo'n13 dagar sedan


  • TheramoreIsTheBomb
    TheramoreIsTheBomb13 dagar sedan

    Why are you hiding all of the Bobby Kotick comments? No one cares about some narcissistic greedy CEO and they never will.

  • Erik Fournier
    Erik Fournier13 dagar sedan

    the best expac to me

  • Realistics
    Realistics13 dagar sedan


  • Nicolas2465
    Nicolas246513 dagar sedan

    The Boosting Crusade

  • Warriors gamelight
    Warriors gamelight13 dagar sedan

    Pay 15 dollars for each to character to switch either classic or tbc. Nope....

    UFATCOW13 dagar sedan

    Lotta butthurt here, glad to see how mad plebs get.

  • NostraDavid
    NostraDavid13 dagar sedan

    >1080p video >30fps >framedrops below 30fps in some scenes Don't you guys have 60hz monitors? Don't you guys have 4k monitors? Don't you guys have decent PCs?

  • Maurice Anderson

    Maurice Anderson

    11 dagar sedan

    @Tim Lempicki dont they have phones?

  • Tim Lempicki

    Tim Lempicki

    12 dagar sedan

    There monitors refresh rate has nothing to do with the framerate in the video lol. Its not like they are holding their phone up to their monitor to record gameplay for this video.

  • Maxranviir
    Maxranviir13 dagar sedan

    Remember when Blizzard still existed and it wasnt Activision? Same :(

  • Drax
    Drax13 dagar sedan

    Focus on 9.1 not the what has been….

  • MBL
    MBL13 dagar sedan


  • Dogma
    Dogma13 dagar sedan

    Wow Shadowlands Aka Trashlands. Wrost Lore in History.

  • Cameron McEwen

    Cameron McEwen

    11 dagar sedan

    @TZL33 No it didn’t. It kept going.

  • Cameron McEwen

    Cameron McEwen

    13 dagar sedan

    How so?

  • Cifer
    Cifer13 dagar sedan

    I'm sure this not releasing till 6pm EST won't cause any issues.... With ONE zone....with hundreds of ppl waiting to get in......lol

  • Serkan Yazicioglu
    Serkan Yazicioglu13 dagar sedan

    Putting boost to survival guide 😣😣😣

  • Fabrizio Mengozzi
    Fabrizio Mengozzi13 dagar sedan

    The memes went from "go to retail" to "go to tbc"

  • Will Bear

    Will Bear

    12 dagar sedan

    Yeah that explains why classic servers are deserted and everyones on tbc.

  • vargen1414
    vargen141413 dagar sedan

    New zones, No they where in Vanilla but not accessable

  • Tomasz Dudek
    Tomasz Dudek13 dagar sedan

    where is 9.1 !! for the God sake

  • IdlingThread


    13 dagar sedan

    Soon COPIUM

  • dan
    dan13 dagar sedan

    Keep those dislikes coming.

  • Charles Winters
    Charles Winters13 dagar sedan

    TBC = The Bobby Charity

  • Cameron McEwen

    Cameron McEwen

    11 dagar sedan

    Where did that come from?

  • Stef


    11 dagar sedan


  • Kaos Sverige

    Kaos Sverige

    13 dagar sedan

    Nailed it ✊

  • Balázs Novák
    Balázs Novák13 dagar sedan


  • Armir11
    Armir1113 dagar sedan


  • OverDev Modding
    OverDev Modding13 dagar sedan

    funny they talk about it like it'S something brand new and nobody knows about these things already

  • SamK


    13 dagar sedan

    Let the neckbeard have his special moment

  • Arizona Ranger

    Arizona Ranger

    13 dagar sedan

    Dude. If it's a survival guide, it's obviously not for people who know everything about it already