Burning Crusade Classic: An Ode to Returning Heroes

Join your fellow heroes and step through the Dark Portal into World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Classic! Return to Outland on June 1st.

Journey beyond Azeroth in the next WoW Classic adventure! Prepare to face the forces of the Burning Legion - Battle to level 70, ride majestic flying mounts, and master two additional races: the mystical blood elves and the pious draenei.

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  • 07ce7
    07ce75 timmar sedan

    Diversity quotas running things into the ground like always

  • Mr. Grey
    Mr. GreyDag sedan

    Cringy and some of them, like the bard and "hero of the draenei", were probably children 14 years ago.

  • Aveline
    AvelineDag sedan

    Woh the cringe is more tangible than the actual game

  • Mitch Thomas
    Mitch ThomasDag sedan

    They should of had Nyhm do this whole thing

  • Drăgan Antonescu
    Drăgan AntonescuDag sedan

    This makes me wanna check out some TBC private servers.

  • kINGst3r
    kINGst3r2 dagar sedan

    ciorba reincalzita prieteni, ciorba reincalzita...

  • Manfredi Rizzo
    Manfredi Rizzo2 dagar sedan

    This go in my favourites

  • the lacroix boi
    the lacroix boi2 dagar sedan

    pure, unadulterated, GARBAGE

  • Giorgos X
    Giorgos X2 dagar sedan

    private server but with subscription. be prepared for wotlk folks

  • MiraCami-Chan
    MiraCami-Chan3 dagar sedan

    1:15 He*

  • nOx1D3
    nOx1D33 dagar sedan

    Humm yes more cringe please

  • Emily Hitchcock
    Emily Hitchcock3 dagar sedan

    This makes me sad

  • Not your typical weeab
    Not your typical weeab3 dagar sedan

    This has to be the stupidest idea. So what's next? Blizzard is just going to remake all the expansions into classic? It defeats the point.

  • Márton Rónai
    Márton Rónai3 dagar sedan

    This video is the definition of cringe.

  • Toasty The Barbarian
    Toasty The Barbarian4 dagar sedan

    Not enough Neck Beards - To much Diversity

  • 尺卂ㄚ_ᎪᏞᎬҒҒ
    尺卂ㄚ_ᎪᏞᎬҒҒ4 dagar sedan


  • godsproject0
    godsproject04 dagar sedan

    *cough cought* Witcher bard ripoff *cough cough*

  • Márton Menyhárt
    Márton Menyhárt4 dagar sedan

    Can someone name me all the celebrities?

  • namstee
    namstee4 dagar sedan

    Saw this commercial on Twitch and changed my mind about starting WoW again.

  • Elias Miranda
    Elias Miranda4 dagar sedan

    00:21 Hay estoy yo cantando cuando celebramos navidad y año nuevo con toda mi familia.

  • HOBOsnake
    HOBOsnake6 dagar sedan

    oh wow. It seems Blizzard's corpse is being animated by something... hmmmm

  • Gabby Jay
    Gabby Jay6 dagar sedan

    There are no Bards in World of Warcraft.

  • Czerwona Pigułka
    Czerwona Pigułka6 dagar sedan

    omg, this is weak... usually that means that it was made by trained marxists

  • Very Cruel
    Very Cruel6 dagar sedan

    New Raid: Shadow legends commercial looks rad!

  • Adiel Pereira
    Adiel Pereira6 dagar sedan

    This is arguably the most shameful thing Blizzard has ever done...

  • PurpleTylenol
    PurpleTylenol6 dagar sedan

    Soon: World of warcraft retail classic.

  • Boazzz
    Boazzz6 dagar sedan

    Voyage au bout du malaise

  • Figoluu
    Figoluu6 dagar sedan

    c r i n g e

  • John Underwood
    John Underwood7 dagar sedan

    Brooklyn Crusade

  • TheOptionist
    TheOptionist7 dagar sedan

    So multicultural and politically correct. The SJWs must be happy.

  • Aaron


    Dag sedan

    They're still angry.

  • Имя Мое
    Имя Мое7 dagar sedan

    No no no no..... Sorry

  • Tee Hee
    Tee Hee7 dagar sedan

    Soooo... ron pearlman but why?

  • Omar Santos
    Omar Santos7 dagar sedan

    Lol WTH is this?? No connection to wow what so ever, just cringe..

  • Vollan
    Vollan7 dagar sedan

    Мда... Началось...

  • Don Dada
    Don Dada7 dagar sedan

    So cringe

  • Deluroth
    Deluroth7 dagar sedan

    Atleast they checked all the boxes when it comes to political correctness and diversity quotas Really the important stuff here

  • Dani Zrp
    Dani Zrp7 dagar sedan

    So bad LOL

  • KefoAtleta
    KefoAtleta7 dagar sedan

    The actor here is amazing.

  • Альберт Сафиулин
    Альберт Сафиулин7 dagar sedan

    These kids have raided BT about 13 years ago, you say? An ode to marketers who don't know their audience.

  • MrLinen
    MrLinen8 dagar sedan

    This vid actually made me cancel my download and save my 15 bucks.

  • derekisazombie39
    derekisazombie398 dagar sedan

    Nah, I’m good.

  • GreeL
    GreeL8 dagar sedan


  • Сергей Сергеевич
    Сергей Сергеевич8 dagar sedan

    Я ничего не вижу на чёрном экране.

  • Kevin Baumann
    Kevin Baumann8 dagar sedan

    Where the f*** is jack sparrow ?

  • Flammable Orange
    Flammable Orange8 dagar sedan

    The cringe

  • Vladimir Bannikov
    Vladimir Bannikov9 dagar sedan

    Негры негры негры негры негры

  • Rasputin
    Rasputin9 dagar sedan

    We get it Blizzard. You're "diverse". It's 0k 2 b White.

  • Adrian Orozco
    Adrian Orozco9 dagar sedan

    Bad parody of the classic trailer from 2 years ago...

  • Asenku 11k
    Asenku 11k9 dagar sedan

    aye, this was tight!

  • Dave Cullins
    Dave Cullins9 dagar sedan

    Less singing, more references to playing the expansion from back when it was new.

  • Magna
    Magna9 dagar sedan

    This is so cheesy... it should be participating the next eurovision song contest

  • Avallac'h
    Avallac'h9 dagar sedan

    Is this an out of season april fools joke?

  • Avallac'h
    Avallac'h9 dagar sedan

    Soy el único que siente vergüenza ajena al ver esto?

  • Polina Kazantseva
    Polina Kazantseva9 dagar sedan

    Ну классный же клип получился) за что дизлайки?

  • Daniil Tolmachev

    Daniil Tolmachev

    8 dagar sedan


  • BelialSpade
    BelialSpade9 dagar sedan

    this trailer is literally the worst thing to come out with the blizzard name

  • Wanda Meadows
    Wanda Meadows9 dagar sedan

    World Of Wokecraft

  • Harm Aouke Haaijer
    Harm Aouke Haaijer9 dagar sedan


  • xdshax
    xdshax9 dagar sedan

    да уж, настоящая black magic

  • CheAlexRus
    CheAlexRus9 dagar sedan

    Netflix version?

  • charles bentley
    charles bentley10 dagar sedan

    the other one was way better

  • chvb
    chvb10 dagar sedan

    This made me cancel my subscription.

  • Furfag McDeer
    Furfag McDeer10 dagar sedan

    The Coalburning Crusade🤢🤢🤢

  • Пётр Павло́вский

    Пётр Павло́вский

    9 dagar sedan

    better than the furfa6 crusade

  • Benichou49
    Benichou4910 dagar sedan

    This trailer is bad. It's dumb, it's cheap, and it's a shame to think it took some time off of someone that could have actually done something useful with their lives.

  • Tech Scarab
    Tech Scarab10 dagar sedan

    Medieval black live matter😵 And why are you so drawn to white, medieval Europe, huh?😆

  • Matt4kPlays
    Matt4kPlays11 dagar sedan

    its kinda catchy tbh

  • Nord Varg
    Nord Varg11 dagar sedan

    Blak mage

  • Niconeve
    Niconeve11 dagar sedan

    Blizzard in 2040: ready for World of Warcraft Classic Classic?

  • Carl Bueermann
    Carl Bueermann11 dagar sedan

    The classic song was soooo much better

  • Arinna
    Arinna11 dagar sedan


  • Dart
    Dart11 dagar sedan

    It's so bad, oh my god....

  • brotha_dusty
    brotha_dusty11 dagar sedan

    Is that Netflix production?

  • german boi

    german boi

    11 dagar sedan


  • Abbe Mårtensson
    Abbe Mårtensson11 dagar sedan

    Oh look... Another minority...

  • SentinelFury
    SentinelFury11 dagar sedan

    devoid of any soul

  • Jake Smith
    Jake Smith12 dagar sedan

    Wow. Not enough forced diversity here. Why do they insist on Blackwashing European Medieval history?

  • oblivexx
    oblivexx12 dagar sedan

    also there is nothing but humans here. where is Nihilum?

  • Máté Bodor
    Máté Bodor12 dagar sedan

    Acitvision, keep failing!

  • Hearon
    Hearon12 dagar sedan

    And what is actually wrong with the video? Why are there many dislikes?

  • Furfag McDeer

    Furfag McDeer

    10 dagar sedan

    Fvyou and f BLM.

  • Ugly Bob

    Ugly Bob

    12 dagar sedan

    Horrible community, mostly 30 year old boomers.

  • BananaPie
    BananaPie12 dagar sedan

    There are more girls in this one video than play Burning Crusade on every server. Fact.

  • John Bailey
    John Bailey12 dagar sedan

    This is worse than Mr T's moehawk grenade.

  • Darth Xigo
    Darth Xigo12 dagar sedan

    this was painful to watch and hear....... completely different from vanilla classic promo

  • Jc Stang

    Jc Stang

    6 dagar sedan

    corp. America gotta promote those people of colors and whamenses.

  • DGS
    DGS12 dagar sedan

    Ну и лажа.

  • Ahegao
    Ahegao12 dagar sedan


  • Biba Bobovich
    Biba Bobovich12 dagar sedan

    True Netflix adaptation of “The Witcher” with non-whitewashed Jaskier

  • Biba Bobovich

    Biba Bobovich

    12 dagar sedan

    Cool song, though

  • Biba Bobovich

    Biba Bobovich

    12 dagar sedan

    (Non-whitewashed Dandelion)

  • Мурей
    Мурей12 dagar sedan

    2007: Dark Portal 2021: African American Quarter

  • Владимир Белоусов
    Владимир Белоусов13 dagar sedan


  • Katarzyna Koti
    Katarzyna Koti13 dagar sedan

    The song is just bad..

  • Marshwajr
    Marshwajr13 dagar sedan


  • Deco20
    Deco2013 dagar sedan

    Corpo: inject some current day social issue thing into every single thing we advertise

  • Jeebz
    Jeebz13 dagar sedan


  • VisiualProwess
    VisiualProwess13 dagar sedan

    0:22 God forbid anything in media these days goes without disrespecting men by having this chick whoop him in arm wrestling without her even trying. Can we have anything that isn’t putting men in the center of everyone’s jokes?

  • Django Fandango
    Django Fandango13 dagar sedan

    Kotick marketing strategy

  • aliox326
    aliox32613 dagar sedan

    Burning crusade classic = boosting/p2w crusade, disliked and wont be playing

  • Seizmos
    Seizmos13 dagar sedan

    Thanks for reminding me to cancel my sub

  • Pete
    Pete13 dagar sedan


  • Veronica D.
    Veronica D.13 dagar sedan

    This is really sad to see. Blizzard is clinging onto their older games because their new ones are absolutely terrible....

  • Nick Lifka
    Nick Lifka13 dagar sedan

    True crusade trailer was made by hurricane

  • Khud0 - Indie Game Dev
    Khud0 - Indie Game Dev13 dagar sedan

    00:06 Ol' Blanchy has seen quite some stuff in her life. It's a miracle she survived, to be honest. XD

  • Donny van der Meij
    Donny van der Meij13 dagar sedan

    It was fun to watch. But it does not even slightly compare to the original classic trailer

  • Andrew McCabe
    Andrew McCabe13 dagar sedan

    raiders or explorers? is that how the burning crusade is summed up?

  • saymonn 333
    saymonn 33313 dagar sedan

    rasisti nevidim bílýho