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World of Warcraft

Enter the World of Warcraft and descend into a world of myth, magic, and legendary adventure. Enter the Shadowlands - Available Now

ESRB Rating: TEEN with Blood and Gore, Crude Humor, Mild Language, Suggestive Themes, Use of Alcohol, Violence.


  • Mr. Grey
    Mr. GreyDag sedan

    Cringy and some of them, like the bard and "hero of the draenei", were probably children 14 years ago.

  • Billy Ray
    Billy RayDag sedan

    0:42-1:12 **chills**

  • Vance Hines
    Vance HinesDag sedan

    best expansion nuff said

  • John Pirring
    John PirringDag sedan

    My destiny is my own Blizzard Entertainment.

  • Erlend Johannessen
    Erlend JohannessenDag sedan

    When Blizzard was great. Chris, Mike, Allen. pillars. this is my favorite documentary/film. blizzard was the best then!

  • Johannes Van Laken
    Johannes Van LakenDag sedan

    the anger in her voice during the second "where is she" is palpable

  • Aveline
    AvelineDag sedan

    Woh the cringe is more tangible than the actual game

  • Mattias .Grönvik
    Mattias .GrönvikDag sedan

    Activision Blizzard. Fallen from grace...

  • Mitch Thomas
    Mitch ThomasDag sedan

    They should of had Nyhm do this whole thing

  • Drăgan Antonescu
    Drăgan AntonescuDag sedan

    This makes me wanna check out some TBC private servers.

  • G.N.O
    G.N.ODag sedan

    The Bot Crusade!

  • Markus Frahm
    Markus FrahmDag sedan

    it's so minimalistic yet so impressive. also very well drawn.

  • Cs N
    Cs NDag sedan

    Hate those pandas

  • Dangerously Based
    Dangerously BasedDag sedan

    AWC > MDI

  • boringstuff
    boringstuffDag sedan

    "all-new dungeon" -that we farmed 1000+ times since 2004

  • Detroit Trickster
    Detroit TricksterDag sedan


  • Official YoTube
    Official YoTubeDag sedan

    The graphics of that cinematic looks so real lol

  • Lokesh Gowda
    Lokesh GowdaDag sedan

    You all better see that dog it's a alpha new in the year 2023.

  • Timothy Lalhruaitluanga Zadeng EVS 20_39
    Timothy Lalhruaitluanga Zadeng EVS 20_392 dagar sedan

    Watching the 8 year anniversary after 8 years

  • Girish c s
    Girish c s2 dagar sedan

    Greatest movie

  • kINGst3r
    kINGst3r2 dagar sedan

    ciorba reincalzita prieteni, ciorba reincalzita...

  • Manfredi Rizzo
    Manfredi Rizzo2 dagar sedan

    This go in my favourites

  • Nedim Doğan
    Nedim Doğan2 dagar sedan

    Yes.. more of like this pls. 10q

  • MrHotBagel
    MrHotBagel2 dagar sedan

    *This just in, dragon literally too angry to die*

  • Barbie Harper
    Barbie Harper2 dagar sedan

    So BC went SJW?

  • mutalord
    mutalord2 dagar sedan

    these are REALLY good

  • Bouddhakush
    Bouddhakush2 dagar sedan

    2:33 it reminds me of when Archimonde destroys Dalaran in Warcraft 3.

  • the lacroix boi
    the lacroix boi2 dagar sedan

    pure, unadulterated, GARBAGE

  • Adam Warlock
    Adam Warlock2 dagar sedan

    World of warcraft is the best game of it's kind.

  • Giorgos X
    Giorgos X2 dagar sedan

    private server but with subscription. be prepared for wotlk folks

  • Garbage Malloy
    Garbage Malloy2 dagar sedan

    Medivh´s voice actor was changed, why?

  • Lrprados
    Lrprados2 dagar sedan

    Thats actually what made me play demon hunter

  • michał Sarna
    michał Sarna2 dagar sedan

    Chills everytime

  • ink bendy
    ink bendy2 dagar sedan

    This is what po the panda would look like in world of Warcraft.🤩

  • Andrej Pašalić
    Andrej Pašalić2 dagar sedan

    4:10 when you wake up to realize you overslept the buss...

  • R TS
    R TS2 dagar sedan

    THIS IS THE KIND OF LORE YOU NEEDED TO USE FOR YOUR WARCRAFT MOVIE not some random orcs coming from nowhere. You should have started with the Titans and Sargeras and the creation of the universe to introduce viewers to the World of Warcraft !

  • Evaldas Raisutis
    Evaldas Raisutis2 dagar sedan

    7 New zones. You mean old zones?

  • Gamesux
    Gamesux2 dagar sedan

    Varian going "That boy ain't right"

  • Cetnam true
    Cetnam true3 dagar sedan

    where does the arrow come from is the real question

  • Sliske Of Zaros
    Sliske Of Zaros3 dagar sedan

    1:59 the republic horde of Zaros Caesar is my people Augustus.

  • strom120
    strom1203 dagar sedan


  • Chiki Puki
    Chiki Puki3 dagar sedan

    Русские разгружаем фуры

  • Kristian Todorov
    Kristian Todorov3 dagar sedan

    The good old times when wow still had good lore

  • bgirl1201
    bgirl12013 dagar sedan

    Is it still worth it to play WoW in 2021?

  • MiraCami-Chan
    MiraCami-Chan3 dagar sedan

    1:15 He*

  • Tommy Ruskus
    Tommy Ruskus3 dagar sedan


  • nOx1D3
    nOx1D33 dagar sedan

    Humm yes more cringe please

  • 1253 1642
    1253 16423 dagar sedan

    Could someone tell me what deathwings does while we are in patches 4.0, 4.1 and 4.2? he is just flying somewhere or what

  • Stoof
    Stoof3 dagar sedan

    6 months lol

  • Emily Hitchcock
    Emily Hitchcock3 dagar sedan

    This makes me sad

  • Emily Hitchcock
    Emily Hitchcock3 dagar sedan

    Carson Daly???

  • Something Diabolical
    Something Diabolical3 dagar sedan

    Moral of the story is if people reject you, sell your soul to demons.

  • try meout
    try meout3 dagar sedan

    and 7 months later, we are still in 9.0...OOF

  • HellscreaM
    HellscreaM3 dagar sedan

    0:36 This music gives goosebumps . Vanilla music 4ever❤️

  • Not your typical weeab
    Not your typical weeab3 dagar sedan

    This has to be the stupidest idea. So what's next? Blizzard is just going to remake all the expansions into classic? It defeats the point.

    SYGYE3 dagar sedan

    Why is it taking so long to release boys, I'm readdyyyyyy

  • 金魚嘎Fishga
    金魚嘎Fishga3 dagar sedan

    Live another day.

  • Itama
    Itama3 dagar sedan

    0:36 The Blizzard Higher Ups Face, when they thought of the idea to put lvl boosts into the game.

  • aizaz ali
    aizaz ali3 dagar sedan

    movie name

  • John Pirring
    John Pirring3 dagar sedan

    Warlock-witch of Sargeras (Elune): For Teldrassil.

  • Piotr Żelazny
    Piotr Żelazny3 dagar sedan

    Dislike ration on this one and tbc song says it all.

  • Márton Rónai
    Márton Rónai4 dagar sedan

    This video is the definition of cringe.

  • Desu Enak
    Desu Enak4 dagar sedan

    RagNar Im'Ba tor

  • Bloodmane
    Bloodmane4 dagar sedan

    Best update ever ! Thanagor !

  • Tee Rogers-Faasa
    Tee Rogers-Faasa4 dagar sedan

    dang hes beast bru

  • Max
    Max4 dagar sedan

    Bye bye WoW, your time has finally come.

  • Jennefer
    Jennefer3 dagar sedan

    It isn't over til it's over.

  • Dharyl Dhada
    Dharyl Dhada4 dagar sedan

    The movie graphics are good but in game graphics are bad

  • valoreins
    valoreins4 dagar sedan

    when FFXIV took WoW's crown for the most played MMO 🤭

  • A Youtube User
    A Youtube User2 dagar sedan

    for how long?

  • magnuso85
    magnuso854 dagar sedan

    After seen this so many times it´s still one of the greatest scenes in wow history

  • I Cool Guy
    I Cool Guy4 dagar sedan


  • TexasDad
    TexasDad4 dagar sedan

    So,the Alliance claims to be the "good guys" all while allowing someone to be taken against their will,changed against their will,yet when the person fights back he's a betrayer? Illidan should've killed everyone in that room for knowing what was going to happen and allowing it to continue. This is what happens when the "good guys" think they know whats best for everyone and think they can do or change whatever they want in order to accomplish their goals.

  • Gherragh
    Gherragh4 dagar sedan

    Not the worse expansion, best stuff story wise

  • Toasty The Barbarian
    Toasty The Barbarian4 dagar sedan

    Not enough Neck Beards - To much Diversity

  • 尺卂ㄚ_ᎪᏞᎬҒҒ
    尺卂ㄚ_ᎪᏞᎬҒҒ4 dagar sedan


  • vedraneda
    vedraneda4 dagar sedan

    Amazing, just amazing.

  • asterios
    asterios4 dagar sedan

    Wow awesome can't get tired of this.....

  • Erik Widmann
    Erik Widmann4 dagar sedan

    Love how they show BT and that's 8 months out